Jonas At The Ocean


"JONAS AT THE OCEAN"-information: (first testshow: Metropolis-Kino, Hamburg,9/01) short description: it´s actually a prolongation of "JONAS IN THE DESERT", so part 2, but with less talking and more music, I think/feel with music you can come nearer to something/someone than with any words(ofcourse there are also interviews, f.ex. Jonas, Robert Frank, Nam June Paik, Phil Glass...). i´ve been filming Jonas(not shown at all in part one) and also new scenes as i kept on filming after 1994, actually 'til 2001. It starts with Jonas at the seashore in Lithuania laughing and filming children and running into the water with his bolexcamera, ..with "Starlight" by Lou Reed and John Cale(about Warholfilms), his hat flies away in the wind... - He reads from his book, about the days in Germany... ..a wonderful scene where he repeats the landing at the Hudson with Algis and his brother Adolphas (filmed in slowmotion- Jonas Scholz, the cameraman did a great job!) .../ ... ofcourse also in New York, and Torino, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Sao Paulo, Washington, Montauk andand.. Some highlights: Robert Frank in his studio, about the old days, a "lightshow" with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, Nick Cave reads from "I HAD NOWHERE TO GO"(the scene with the peepshow in the 50´s, 42nd Street, it´s beautiful and sad... Nick reads in his little green backyardhouse in London, dramatically, (black+white,16mm)it´s great.)- more guests: Rudy Burkhardt talking wildly about Maya Deren, Allen Ginsberg, Ziz, Kenneth Anger, Tony Conrad (with a great performance in Buffalo), Stan Brakhage, Vincent Canby, Raimund Abraham, Peter Kubelka, Michael Snow, Fernando Arrabal, Zoe Lund and Harvey Keitel, Wim Wenders(calling Jonas the James Joyce of filmart...), Blixa sings a song, Kiki and more ...Jonas doing an Artaud-performance on Anthology-stage, at the top of his voice... really quite crazy he is sometimes, how wonderful! Music: from underground, classical to lithuanian folksongs. okay, this could give you a little idea. The whole film is 93min on 16mm.