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PETER SEMPEL - 20 years OUTSIDERS, MUSIC and DANCE - from Hamburg -

Thur.7.June: 8+10pm: cultfilm "DANDY": Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Nina Hagen, Dieter Meier +more

Fri.8.: at 10pm:"JUST VISITING THIS PLANET- DIE WINTERREISE":Kazuo Ohno, a King of the outsiders, his friends,animals, - "If everybody says NO, you can say YES"
BUTOH-dance; MUSIC:Schubert, Neubauten, Cave, Bach...

Sat.9.: at7:45+10:00:"JONAS IN THE DESERT": scenes in the fantastic life of Jonas Mekas(Warhol,Anger,Ginsberg,PeterBeard,Blixa,NickCave,YokoOno, Pacino,NickZ.,P.A.Sitney, Adolfas,Merce,Kembra,Nina,Leo+morefriends, lots of wine, bread, cheese and sausage...)

Sun.10.: at7:15:Specialshorts:"ALLEN GINSBERG-HUSTLER FOR LIFE", plus "Patti Smith at Anthology sings for Harry-Smith-Library", "Wim talks about Jonas", "Tulip, The Singing Tulip","Nick Cave-Inbetween","BLIXA BARGELD-germangenius", J.L. Pierce and "Die Haut" and first punkfilm from 1981 "Kriegsjugend-Save The Children"(DAF,UKSubs,Abwärts,SPK,..)
and at 9:30: "NINA HAGEN-PUNK+GLORY"-a psychomusicdocumentaryfilm, 18years footage by Sempel filmed in berlin, N.Y.,L.A., Paris, Delhi,Himalaya - with 20 songs by Nina and guests f.ex. George Clinton, Kiedis, Blixa, Mekas, her children and mother, and animals.

At ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, 32-34 SECOND AVE./2ndStr.,tel:212-5055181
supported by GOETHE INSTITUT NEW YORK & FilmförderungHAMBURG

Peter Sempel is present at all shows