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Jonas Mekas (79, boss of Anthology Film Archives, N.Y.,5/2002): "I had no idea at all what or who Motörhead is, but this Lemmyman is fantastic! And the film is fantastic! This music!!This power!! Also the other 2 musicians in the band! I enjoyed it tremendously!">

Subject: LEMMY
German filmmaker Peter Sempel was at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC last night to preview the "cinema verite" (what the hell does that mean?) documentary on Motorhead bass player and frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

For those of you unfortunates who aren't familiar with Rock'n'Roll's own "man in black", Lemmy is the ultimate anti-star. This doesn't mean he's some snot nosed punk who punches photographers, flips off his own fans and pretends that the celebrity status everyone in showbusiness wants is some kind of burden. What it means is that the man is 100% hardcore, and yet very down to earth at the same time. He's like that old biker in your neighborhood who looks scary as hell, but who'd give you the shirt off his back if you really needed it.

LEMMY on punk: "...I just don't have the right hair for it."

The film itself is incredibly rough. Still, it seems quite appropriate given the subject matter. There are interviews with his fans, his bandmates, his son, other Rock'n'Rollers, and a bunch of Germans who I couldn't understand (Germans LOVE Lemmy). Shot in Germany, Los Angeles, Great Britain, on the road, and Ozzy Osbourne's back yard, I found it enjoyable from beginning to end.

There is so much I'd like to comment on, but I hate giving too much away. You'll learn his real name, how he became a bass player, why he got into Rock'n'Roll, who he attempted to teach to play bass, and a whole lot of other cool stuff I'd like to write about, but don't want to spoil it. Suffice to say that even if you don't like his music, you can't help but respect the man for who he is. He's got a way of mocking people and getting them to laugh at themselves, without actually being snide or vicious.

Peter (the filmmaker)still has some work to do before it gets distributed internationally. For one thing, it has yet to be put onto 35mm film. When he gets around to that, maybe he'll put in subtitles so we'll know what those cute German groupie chicks were saying. The only word I caught was "schwanz".

LEMMY...look for it in an arthouse theatre near you.

J.J. Connelly, New York City.

I caught the New York City sneak preview of Peter Sempel's documentary "Lemmy" last week. It was a very rough cut, presented on VHS without any dubbing for the extensive scenes shot in Germany. Needless to say it was awesome! Loads of concert footage plus great stuff in Lemmy's Los Angeles apartment and some local record store. (Yes, Lemmy will take vinyl over CD.) I went with OSers Bob, Mark and Bob's girl Denise. We were singing along and laughing through the whole thing. (Yes, Lemmy's a very entertaining interview.) But what made us holler the loudest was an appearance by the famous -- some might say infamous -- Klaus Fabry! Many of you might never have heard of Klaus, but he's making a run for the title of #1 Motorhead fan in the Germany. (Believe you me, they're very serious about their Motorhead in Germany.) What made it so funny was that Mr. "I'm Everywhere" Fabry and three other HUGE German Motorheadbangers -- my good friends Peter and Carmen Wagner plus Klaus' bud Sasha -- had stayed over my apartment in Woodside, Queens a few weeks ago. Bob, Mark, me and the Germans all followed Motorhead on their New York/New Jersey/New England leg of the Hammered Tour. It was the best vacation of my life! Not to make anyone jealous, but we got in to the sound checks, got our greedy mitts on After Show passes, I talked to Mikkey about the Buffalo Sabres, the whole nine yards. If you're interested in how a bunch of New Yorkers hooked up with a couple of crazy Krauts here's the story: Bob and I met Peter & Carmen when we went to the 25th Anniversary show in Brixton. Actually it was at the (yawn) Hawkwind show the night before. Bob and I are boozing it up in the bar in the back and this bald and rather angry looking dude walks by with a shitload of Motorhead tatoos. I had just got mine so I was all about showing it off -- even though his made my puny tat look like a joke. The next thing you know we're all hanging out at a pub before the Motorhead show like we were friends for life. And I met Klaus last year when I hooked up with Peter & Carmen for the House Of Blues shows in LA and Anaheim. (Ace: you were at the sound checks for those two shows setting up your booth but I was fairly intimidated walking around in the same room as Lemmy, Mikkey and Phil so I stood in the back and kept my mouth shut. Sorry, I didn't introduced myself.) Well that's it I guess. Catch the movie if you can -- and say hi to Klaus for me if you ever run into him! If you're at a Motorhead show, chances are he'll be there. As Peter Semple told Bob after the show: "That Klaus, he's everywhere!"

Motorhead For Life
Tom Flynn

The film was so fucking cool (2 hours !) It had a hilarious interview w/Ozzy who stated that if a nuclear bomb ever detonated, there would be 3 survivors: Rats, Keith Richards and Lemmy. He loves Lemmy a lot. Footage included live songs from everywhere, Rehearsal w/Brian May , Fast Eddie and Phil doing Overkill with a vicious solo by Brian May. I SWEAR THIS WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE MOMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN MUSICALLY! I was numb. Lemmy was kicking the shit out of his bass and Mikkey was doing some serious double bass work. Footage of Lemmy in his WW 2 museum condo, Interviews w/Mikkey and Phil, Mikkey drum solo (YEEESSSSSS) and Phil getting his Mom & Dad tattoo. I met Mr. Semper and best of all... I got you some flyers and a bitchin postcard. Wish to god you would have been there. Even a little interview w/ Fast Eddie and Lemmy's son.

Adam Bomb