"Peter Sempels film on Lemmy made me wet my panties. Long live Motorhead!"
Cari Krome (The Runaways) after seeing the preview at Athology Film Archives in New York.

"It's fucking cool, very realistic and makes me love Lemmy even more. Keep up the good work, Peter!" Doro Pesch (Düsseldorf 24.04.03)

Support-Letter from "LEMMY : BÄSS & VOCALS : L.A. 10/28/2001
To whom it may concern: Some time ago, Peter Sempel asked me if he could do a documentary film on me. I said OK. Almost 3 years later, it is finished and he showed it to me in Oct. 2001. He's made a good job of it and in regard of his work I would be pleased to promote (interviews/limited personal appearances (my schedule with my band permitting) the finished product. He has my full support and admiration!Yours sincerely, LEMMY (aka I.F.Kilmister)"

BRANDNEW: LEMMY-poster: 4col., black+white and "orange-yellow"
(Lemmy told me last week(at DOCKS,Hamburg): "The posters are good, best is the orange-yellow with one eye.")

main (4-colour)poster: 8 €/$, "orange-yellow": 8 €/$ and black+white: 6 €/$, plus postage. send email to order

The LEMMY-film/video/DVD still hasn´t any distribution; as before i will have veryfew personalshows here+there (if I´m asked+have time) - But "at least" now I made a poster, in different colours (I told the printer, while the machine was working, to take some out after 2 colours(red/yellow)+blackwhite.)(I hope not too many order as I package etc myself...) -
and for the new year 2004 I wish you all, as Lemmy says: "HALS UND BEINBRUCH!"

LEMMY - A Film by Peter Sempel, Germany 2002, 111 Min. filmed 1998-2001 in Hamburg, Berlin, London, L.A., Rainbow, Belgium and Holland: Music by MOTÖRHEAD, featuring Lemmy on stage, backstage, in the studio("acapella":Orgasmatron!!!), at home... plus Motörheads Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, Eddie Clarke, Brian May, Nina C Alice (Skew Siskin), Doro Pesch, Corey Parks, Skin, Slim Jim Phantom, Dieter Meier, Derek Green, Rainer Hänsel, Mario(Rainbow), Fans and Friends... long live Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD!!!
BZ 10/02

update, 24.3.2003:
Although there are many fans who´d be pretty eager to get a LEMMY-video or DVD i still haven´t got a company to organise this (..till now it hasn´t been a question of money). (I don´t send any tapes away anymore(the ones i did send away, nearly all have the name of receiver or a special mark in picture, so i can track down pretty easily, where a possible pirate-copy would come from )- ohboy... lets hope we get it soon now!!! verybestregards!Longlivelemmyandmotörhead!!! peter Email: sempel@t-online.de or fax: ..49-40-31798100 or ...3193197

Review from a fan, L.A. 05/04/2002.:
The film was so fucking cool (2 hours !) It had a hilarious interview w/Ozzy who stated that if a nuclear bomb ever detonated, there would be 3 survivors: Rats, Keith Richards and Lemmy. He loves Lemmy a lot. Footage included live songs from everywhere, Rehearsal w/Brian May , Fast Eddie and Phil doing Overkill with a vicious solo by Brian May. I SWEAR THIS WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE MOMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN MUSICALLY! I was numb. Lemmy was kicking the shit out of his bass and Mikkey was doing some serious double bass work. Footage of Lemmy in his WW 2 museum condo, Interviews w/Mikkey and Phil, Mikkey drum solo (YEEESSSSSS) and Phil getting his Mom & Dad tattoo. I met Mr. Semper and best of all... I got you some flyers and a bitchin postcard. Wish to god you would have been there. Even a little interview w/ Fast Eddie and Lemmy's son.

Adam Bomb

more Reviews

Wacken 2001 

C.J. Lem and Nina Hamburg 4/2002 Doro Pesch

on 6.dec. 2001 we finished the final cut at AVID-Studio (VCC)
and 17.dec. final soundmix (dolby-surround) for 35mm (at STUDIO FUNK).

on 10.10.2001 after driving through the desert from Albuquerque to L.A.: sat on Lemmy´s sofa and we watched the final version of "LEMMY", 111min - it was very good (then drove directly back to wonderful Albuquerque).

at the first testscreening with final cut, at metropoliskino (sept.01), 100 spectators (80 in black leather, 20 "normal" people) everybody(!) loved the film!!!

3 new short interviews: with son of Lemm, Paul from London at the Rainbow and : this beautifulviciouslookingbitch named Corey (Nashville Pussy), just loveable!!! - and the expert Ace Trump. Then I showed Lemmy new version of the film, also with guest Brian May on "Overkill" - again he liked it a lot and suggested to get some sort of kick for the title - like f.ex. "LEMMY Out Of Here" (Corey-idea), or "LEMMY, the Singer" (Dieter Meier-idea) or, well... "LEMMY ..something" or " ..something.....LEMMY"

Since 11/98 filmed: 6 concerts (totally), several interviews with Lemmy, backstage, at studio - HE´S ACTUALLY SINGING ACAPELLA, YOU´LL NEVER FORGET THIS! - , in bars and in his apartment in L.A. (a real museum!), making very clear his ideas about "Third Reich", also recording a song at studio; stories from Mikkey Dee (also drumsolo at studio) and "goodmoody" Phil Campbell (how ya do it??) - both working together in studio for new song (record: 2000); Ozzy Osbourne (with his killerdogs), Derek Green (Sepultura), Nina C. Alice ("Skew Siskin"), Slim Jim (at his "Cat Club", Sunset Blvd.),with Skin (Skunk Anansie) London 12/99 (Dec.´99), Mario (Rainbow, L.A.), Todd, Uriz von Oertzen, Rainer and several friends and helpers,
some wonderful fans and surprises...
15. juli 2000: at Monsterrocknight: interview with DORO (she has beautiful blue eyes).
In 2000 I filmed at another 6 concerts, including soundchecks and "special moments"

This is a true independent film. Long Live LEMMY and MOTÖRHEAD !!!

Copyright by Peter Sempel

13.juli 2000: LEMMY and Motörhead at
"The Harald Schmidt Show"!!!!!
15. juli,Dortmund-Westfalenhalle: Skateboardweltmeisterschaften, Monsterrocknight-Headliner. It was a fantastic concert !!!!!
(also Rollins and FerrisMC)

90 min.,16mm + Digi for 35mm blowup
(mit 54 ein Fegefeuer auf der Bühne)Documentary
Portrait of Motörhead-singer + band.
Supported with grant by Filmförderung Hamburg, and by Barbara Shaughnessy, Hanno Tietgens, Kai Krüger, Gabi Hütköper (HH) and Dieter Meier (YELLO, Zürich)
now 11/2000 already filmed over 40 hours
(12 concerts, also studio-recording for new CD in Germany)

P. Sempel, fax 49 - 40 - 31 93 197 or eMail or
phone 49 - 40 - 25 00 468

update 28. Jan. 2000, now it´s 6. june and still same situation!, now it´s 12. of nov.
In the last months I received many e-Mails and faxes about "LEMMY" and also "NINA HAGEN-Film".

Dear music- and film friends please forgive me for hardly answering - lots of you are very encouraging, that is a good feeling (even though I didn´t get one single dollar for help).
Although only little history, mainly filmed 1999, you can experience just about all subjects of interest of the ol bastard, hero of Rock ´n Roll. So because of I´ve been waiting to finance the final cut I took advantage of time and filmed at another 6 concerts (Dortmund, the 25th jubilee in London, and more...)--I was lucky to get great new scenes and moments, f.ex. Lemmy singing his "blues-solo".
Soon the film shall be reedited, staying at a length of about 90min.

Motörhead fan Peter