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Seit Mai 2005 Verleih in Deutschland für : DANDY, JUST VISITING..., JONAS IN THE DESERT, NINA HAGEN-PUNK+GLORY, "Flamenco Mi Vida", "Jonas In The Jungle"; "Die Ameise Der Kunst", "Bazon, Ernste Scherze", "Rough Peter Brötzmann": "Neue Visionen-FilmVerleih", Berlin. ----- (Internationally the films are organised+often presented by Peter in person)

In 20 years a really special prize: "ZOE LUND-Special-Award" at Figueira Da Foz (Portugal) for "Jonas In The Desert" (from Jury-president Zoe personally)

-1981 First short Punk Films:
"SAVE THE CHILDREN / KRIEGSJUGEND", 20min, (DAF, Birthday Party, Crass, Neubauten ...),
"FRESSEN", 8min, (U.K.Subs, Beethoven, Abwärts...)
"KLARHEIT ÜBER ALLES", 30min, (Die Toten Hosen)
"WOZU SIND DIE MÄNNER DA?" ,10min, (music: Geile Tiere)
"AUGEN", 6min, (Beethoven)
"DER ALTE MANN UND DAS FAHRRAD", 6min, (music: Geisterfahrer)
"BALLETT UND ARBEIT", 6min, (Poison Girls, Mozart)

-1984 "THE WILD RAVEN" (SPK, Graeme Revell & Sinan as special guests)
Musicfilm: 90 min, freely based on poem by E.A. Poe "The Raven"

-1985 "BURNING RAVEN", 80 min., music: "Kollaps" (Neubauten)(best German record of all times) and Mozarts Requiem

-1988 "DANDY" with Blixa Bargeld, Nick Cave, Nina Hagen, Dieter Meier, Kazuo, Ohno, Campino, Lene Lovich, Kaffeekanne ...
Music: Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave the Bad Seeds, Verdi, Abwärts, Yello, Jessye Norman, Mozart, ...

Worldpremiere: "TUNNEL", N.Y. ´88
30 festivals, many 'specials events' ...

-1991 "JUST VISITING THIS PLANET" with Kazuo Ohno (Father of Butoh Dance). Guests: Blixa, Nina, Ohno family, Tanya Khabarowa, Ko Murobushi & Urara, Tomiko Takai, Jonas Mekas ...
Music: Schubert "Die Winterreise"
(7 songs) - 2 songs by Blixa, Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds, Yello, Mona Mur, Abwärts, SPK ...

Worldpremiere: Int. Filmfestival Berlin ´91, Sao Paulo and other festivals

-1994 "JONAS IN THE DESERT" Jonas Mekas, New York. Some guests: Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, Nick Cave and Blixa Bargeld, Yoko Ono, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Morrissey, Kenneth Anger, Nina Hagen, K. Ohno, Peter Beard, Kuchar Bros., P.A. Sitney, Andy Warhol ...
Music:Katrin Achinger and the Flightcrew ("ICARE"), Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Gun Club, Neubauten, Birthday Party, Tiny Tim, Lithuanian folksongs

Worldpremiere: Int. Filmfestival Berlin ´94 , Sao Paulo and other festivals

Jonas received the Pasolini-Award, 1997 in Paris:

-1995 - 1997 Video Works: J.L. Pierce, Ninos Con Bombas ...

-1997/98 "HUSTLER FOR LIFE" Allen Ginsberg (sings "September on Jessore Road") 16 mm, 20 min., from his book "The Fall of America" Internationales Filmfestival Berlin Panorama 1998, Int. Filmfestival Brisbane 1999 and 2000
“ALLEN GINSBERG: HUSTLER FOR LIFE” subtitle: „September on Jessore Road“ Allen Ginsberg, politics, poetry + religion
20min, 16mm, neg, b/w + colour, worldpremiere: Int.Filmfestival Berlin,1998 worldrights: P.Sempel, Hamburg (also digital/dvd)

4 Parts: 1)Allen at his window (home in N.Y.) talks about censorship, politics + filmpeople. How he met Harry Smith at a Thelonius Monk concert. Harry was making notes on T.Monks synchopation for his own „filmediting strategy“. Allen buys Harry´s film „Heaven + Earth“ for a hundred dollars, (and brings it to Jonas Mekas; who says: „This film is absolut magic!!!“)
2)A street in India, quiet music by „Einstürzende Neubauten“, the song ends with: “Ich liebe Dich” ; then no sound and then the picture half dark: a locomotive train comes in ((with Bob Dylan´s „One too many mornings“ /taken out))....Silently....Allen at home shows his photobook (with Robert Frank a moment), his buddist altar, then some scenes in India again...Two men on a motorbike, one has two alive fish in his right hand, driving down the road.
3)Main Part: 12 minutes one pure clear take (no zooming or anything). Allen sits at home and sings with his harmonium: „September On Jessore Road“ from his book „The Fall of America“, the text placed on a book by William Blake; scene is very simple and real.
4)When he sings the word „Planet-TV“ camera zooms away and finishes the song on TV, undercut with a family working at a water-well in India-jungle, short moment with Kazuo Ohno and Jonas Mekas (who were good friends of Allen)... Allen bows to audience (camera) puts away his harmonium very carefully into a box and mentions recording the song with Bob Dylan (1971?) and also with John Lennon in Amsterdam. His last word in the film is: „free“ - - - - - - - - - - - - ((somehow the performance is like an american mantra)) ((Thank you to Sybille Nova for throwing the book through the window of my taxi, that was just driving away from the Vagabond-theatre...))

"Patti Smith sings for Harry Smith-Library" at Anthology, N.Y., 2/98, 20 min.
(Patti reads a Ginsberg poem and sings 2 Hank Williams songs and 1 new song): Int. lesbian+gay filmfestival Hamburg 1999



With 3 projectors I show my films at the same time overlapping in widescreen and I mix the sounds, mainly music, live. I use all films since 20 years intermixing the reels. It becomes a big wild unbelievable filmopera. Everytime the audience was totally enthusiastic!

"Der Film: Endlich entdeckt der Zuschauer den Roten Faden im Filmschaffen Peter Sempels. Sempel startet drei Projektoren und wirft das Zeitdokument 80er/90er Jahre an die Leinwand. In immer anderen Konstellationen hauchen Ikonen der Avantgarde aus den Werken "Dandy", "Jonas in the desert" and "Just visiting with planet" in einem poetischen Breitwandmonumentalfilm auf. Eine Dekade wird plötzlich klar und greifbar und die Zeit hört für 90 Minuten auf sie selbst zu sein. Zur Dreifach-Projektion zaubert der Meister die wildesten und zartesten Klangcollagen durch Live-Tonmischung über PA.
Der Künstler: "...ein wahnsinniges Film-und Musikerlebnis. Allein der Soundtrack ist ein Besuch wert - wenn Musik von Birthday Party, Beethoven, Crass, Tiny Tim, Schubert und Abwärts mit Musik Mozarts und der Neubauten...bis hin zu Tocotronic und Motörhead kopuliert..."."

(Text von: Andreas Hoffmann bzw. C.V.Liquidski (´96))


June 2002: Kassel Filmladen, anläßl. Documenta; Sept.: Int Filmfestival Figueira da Foz(Portugal);
11.oct. 2002 Frankfurt: Deutsches Filmmuseum, for q+a anwesend: Jonas Mekas und Peter Sempel
13.+14. nov.: Int. Filmfestival Torino (with P.Sempel)

- 2002 LEMMY

- A Film by Peter Sempel, Germany 2002, 111 Min. filmed 1998-2001 in Hamburg, Berlin, London, L.A., Rainbow, Belgium and Holland: Music by MOTÖRHEAD, featuring Lemmy on stage, backstage, in the studio("acapella":Orgasmatron!!!), at home... plus Motörheads Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, Eddie Clarke, Brian May, Nina C Alice (Skew Siskin), Doro Pesch, Corey Parks, Skin, Slim Jim Phantom, Dieter Meier, Derek Green, Rainer Hänsel, Mario(Rainbow), Fans and Friends... long live Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD!!!
2006: New Version, 89 Min. (with GIRLSCHOOL). Kinopremiere: Juni 2006 Berlin, Babylon-Kino


Paris 16.+17.02.05 VIDEODANSEfest Centre Pompidou (60min, DigiBeta/DVD) Worldrights: Peter Sempel


Worldpremiere: Int.Filmfestival SaoPaulo 07 (94min, 35mm)
Spanish Premiere: Sevilla Bienale de Flamenco,9/08
German Kinostart: 5/2008


Worldpremiere: Filmfest Hamburg, Oktober 2010, Metropolis/Savoy-Kino (94min)
Ein Kunstoverkillmusikpoesiepsychofilm imnamenderdiktaturderkunstinallerfreiheit


Worldpremiere: 3.Oktober 2013 Filmfest Hamburg, Metropolis-Kino

English & German Version: DCP (98min, BluRay, Digibeta, DVD).
This is a longtime project about Jonas Mekas. 1994: Jonas in the Desert (104min, 16mm), 2002: Jonas At The Ocean (94min, 16mm) How it started: his film "He Stands In A Desert Counting The Seconds Of His Life" which i saw at the Int. Film Festival Torino 1985, and his presentation of my film DANDY at Anthology Film Archives in 1989.


Eine Jazz-Odyssee, von Wuppertal bis China
Premiere: Filmfest-Hamburg, 3.Okt.: Metropolis-Kino
Experimentaldokupsychomusikfilm von Peter Sempel, 98min, DCP, (BluRay, DVD)


FFHSH ; DCP/Blu Ray 108 min.

Premiere , Filmfest Hamburg, 3. Okt. 2016 Metropolis Kino, 20:45


Premiere: Filmfest Hamburg, 28.09.2019 21:45, Metropolis Kino

Some shortfilms(made in the past 5 years):
"Dennis Hopper liest Rilke in Hollywood", L.A.´99 (12 min.)
"Peter Beard and Princess Zarah", N.Y. (20 min.)
"Peter Beard and his sensationel Diary + Fotowork", Soho, N.Y. (12 min.)
"Hiro Yamagata and his painted Mercedes" (6 min)
"Karen Black - silverqueen of B-movie"
"David Carradine, his wife and his silverflute" (10 min.)
"Patti Smith sings for Mekas "building" the Harry Smith Library", N.Y.´98 (15 min.)
"A White King of the Blues: Jeffrey Lee Pierce" (10 min.)
"Kazuo Ohno dances to 'I believe' ", ´98 (8 min)
"LEMMY + Motörhead" (10 min.)
kurze Leckerbissen mit Nick, Blixa + Nina
Cosma Shiva Hagen in "Punk + Glory" (5 min.) + 5 min. talking about Nina (extra)
"Hustler for Life: Allen Ginsberg" (sings from "The Fall of America", 20 min.)
"Peter Brötzmann spielt leise" (5 min.)
"Rossburger Report" (10 min)
"Japanischer Flamenco in N.Y." (Ura Warisaya, 10 min.)
"Tocotronic am Fischmarkt": 6min
"Tulip, die Singende Tulpe" -- auf´n Kiez, 10min

- in progress: "before and after 11th September - Adrienne Gandolfi Sings Mahler"

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